Second Shmed*conf @ Yushin Bro, Krasnoyarsk, March 10th, 2019
We apologize for shitty quality of the live speakers' audio :) Tech issues fucked up the audio record a little.
Alexandra Merkulova
Urban planner at SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw (The Nerherlands)
Ultimate challenge: (urban) survival
Misha Kudryashev
Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt on Main (Germany)
Personal finance in 20XX
Valery Glushkov
Founder of Open Mind Finance, co-founder and CEO in Oktopod
Modern business nomads. When the whole planet is your home
Sergei Cherviakov
Business Development Manager, Evian Volvic International (Moscow)
Eat. Pray. Learn. How to embark yourself on a quest of self-discovery by going to study abroad
Alexey Khvostenko
Editor, writer and PR manager (Krasnoyarsk)
Let children thrive, not just survive
Mister Ronnie
Citizen of the world (from New York)
Why can't we be friends?
Egor Zadereev
Scientist at Krasnoyarsk Research Center
Are we getting dumber?
Matthew Klix
Teacher and Co-Founder of Absolute English Language School
The benefits of being wrong
Anna Vagina
Physics tutor & China-lover
Yes you can! How to stop worrying about someone's expectations & live your own life
Justus Walker
Farmer, videoblogger and online-prophet from the Altay region
Global Challenges, Local Solutions.
Ivan Timofeenko
Mathematician, teacher and entrepreneur from Siberia, co-founder of Newton Park and Elementika
How to live happier without increase of resourses consumtion
Tony Vieira
President of VUFE Association Malmö Sweden and Project Manager & Youth Trainer within European Youth Programme Erasmus Plus

Put yourself in another shoes by studying abroad. VUFE case
What is Shmed*
Yet another conference
5–10 minute talks
In English
Funny or not
Simple or complicated
On global challenges
Abusive vocab allowed
* like TED but shittier ;-)
The story
Shmed conference dates back to Christmas holidays, December 2018 when three old friends Lesha, Misha and Sasha cought up to have a drink at Yushin's. Eventually that night they came up with an idea of a bar conference on various significant issues. Like TED but lighter and shittier.

To hang together with friends and like-minded people, have drinks and fun, share knowledge. Make the world a better place. That's how Shmed was founded. The first Shmed*conf took place on January 3rd, 2019. 8 speakers did their talks in Russian.

The second Shmed*conf soon followed on March 10th, 2019. It went global: talks were in English. 12 notable speakers from all over the globe took part.

support shmed
Shmed*conf is a charity project. It is set to

— have fun
— cover important issues, share valuable knowledge
— support potent humanistic ventures

Donating to Shmed you help us to perform global projects and produce greater content.
We will pay for hosting, video production, managing events.

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